Robert B. Hurd, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF is a SmartVestor Pro

Dave Ramsey is America's trusted voice on money and business matters.

He is a personal money-management expert, radio personality, and has authored four New York Times best-selling books. View to learn more. We are strong believers in living a debt-free lifestyle. 

DaveRamseySmartVestor Pros are held to a higher standard of excellence.

Robert B. Hurd, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF is a SmartVestor Pro, available to help you with your retirement, college savings and other investments.

Real Talk About Life and Money from America's trusted money expert!

Millions listen to The Dave Ramsey Show every day for common-sense talk on money. Listeners are also tuning in to hear real callers share real stories about their lives and families. They call the show in desperate need of help. They call to celebrate. And if you listen closely enough, you'll hear a story much like yours. Hope has a home on the radio—and now it has a home online. Tune in today!

Why SmartVestor?

I Agree to the SmartVestor Code of Conduct

I believe everyone deserves access to objective, professional investing guidance. As a SmartVestor Pro I have experience in the industry and a drive to help others.

I Provide a Refreshing Twist on Financial Planning

I have the heart of a teacher, not the attitude of a salesman. I'm someone you can feel comfortable talking to and someone you can trust. We'll work together to create a plan to help you work towards your goals.

I Care About Your Future

I'm more than a "financial planner" - I'm someone you can relate to and share your dreams with. I fit your investments to your life, help you understand what you're investing in and why, and encourage you to stick with your long-term goals.

When making plans for retirement, or looking for advice on investing, you need to speak with someone "with the heart of a teacher". We give you the time and helpful information you need in order to understand all of your options and make the best choices to fit your situation and goals. It is our honor and commitment to provide you with quality service and objective advice. As theSmartVestor Pro for Dave Ramsey in this area, we guide our clients on a path of wise financial decisions for today that will lead to effective wealth management. 

The SmartVestor Program is a directory of investment professionals. Dave Ramsey, SmartVestor and Ramsey Solutions are not affiliates of Vantage Pointe Financial Group or Royal Alliance Associates, Inc.

Robert B. Hurd, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF is a SmartVestor Pro, available to help you with your retirement, college savings and other investments.

Dave Ramsey, personal money-management expert, nationally syndicated radio host and best selling author.

What does it mean to be a SmartVestor Pro?

Client-First Mentality

SmartVestor Pros are committed to educating and empowering you to help you pursue your long-term investing goals.

Smart Wealth Building

SmartVestor Pros will help you build wealth by investing for the long-term.

Fast, Friendly Service

Got a question? SmartVestor Pros commit to giving you a fast response, often within 24 hours.

More Choices, More Options

SmartVestor Pros don’t just offer a single company’s investment choices. They have access to hundreds of investments to help you pursue your goals.